July mood

July is the heart of summer; a time when the days are long, the sun is warm, and the spirit of adventure is in the air. This month, our mood board draws inspiration from the classic Americana aesthetic, seaside escapades, and the simple pleasures of summer. Here’s a look at how we’re bringing these elements into this season and our designs.

Our July mood board captures the essence of being in nature, inspired by trips to the seaside and days spent under the sun. Think of the calming blues of the ocean, the soft beige of sandy beaches, and the variation of hues in the seashells collected along the shore. 

Nothing says summer quite like crisp white linens. We’ve incorporated these into our designs and our wardrobes to create a clean, airy feel that’s perfect for the season. Paired with classic patterns like stripes and gingham, these linens add a touch of timeless elegance and a nod to the traditional Americana style. Whether it’s a cozy bedspread, breezy curtains blowing next to open windows, or a fresh white linen shirt over a wet bathing suit, these elements bring a sense of simplicity to your home. (And nothing feels better than climbing into clean white linen sheets after a shower and a day spent in the sun).

July is a time to savor the bounty of summer produce. We celebrate this with a focus on homemade recipes that highlight the sweetness of the season and work we’ve put into our own garden. Imagine the vibrant reds of ripe tomatoes, the juicy oranges of peaches, the fresh greens of garden herbs and the sweetest of the perfect watermelon. And of course, summer is not summer without an ice cream cone here or there.

By weaving together the themes of classic Americana and summer’s delights, our July mood board creates a harmonious blend of freshness and nostalgia. It’s about crafting spaces that feel both lively and serene, where the beauty of the seaside meets the comfort of home. Whether it’s through color, texture, or the simple joy of homemade recipes, we aim to design interiors that celebrate the essence of summer and the enduring charm of summer.

As you enjoy the warmth and abundance of July, we hope our mood board inspires you to embrace the season’s beauty and create spaces that reflect the joy and simplicity of summer. Here’s to sun-filled days, coastal breezes, and the timeless appeal of time spent outdoors.