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Let’s Talk Vintage and Antiques…

Long before I was designing, I was hunting for treasures at Antique shops. My parents started me on this at a young age. What I rolled my eyes at when I was a kid is one of my favorite hobbies present day. (I know, I know, I AM turning into my mother).

For most, visiting an antique shop and wandering through each aisle and touching every item reveals nostalgia, tells a story, or in design – is the perfect quirk for your space.

Images from my own collections in my home

When it comes to design, I love finding those weird quirks and tchotchke’s that might not always make sense, but they make it personal. If you take a good look in my designs and especially my home, you can’t get through a few feet without something that has a story behind it. Whether it is the item itself or the thrill of the hunt for it. I even have a whole shop on my website with fun finds that I believe add character to your home and tell the story of your space. One more time for those in the back row, MAKE YOUR SPACE PERSONAL.

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The love for antiques and unique finds has been having a come back recently. I laughed the first few times when I heard the term, “grandmillenial,” but I quickly became obsessed. I think there is something to be said about light and bright and neutrals, but with this trend, patterns and textures and objects became cool again and the rooms began to look richer and more dimensional. And don’t even get me started on some of those dreamy wallpaper patterns.

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In the age before Covid-19, I planned my calendar around the local flea markets and trips to my favorite local shops. I planned vacations around the best antiques shops and vintage shows. So what is a girl to do? I had to turn to the internet of course to continue my hunting while the world was closed. While a lot of flea markets and shops have started opening back up, it still leaves a world to be discovered. So what sites did I stalk during lockdown?

Live Auctioneers -(I’ve personally spent so much time here for vintage LV trunks and consider myself an expert in this field now).

Etsy – There are just SO many treasures to be found here. This is probably my favorite platform for the hunt.

1stDibs – Sometimes pricey, but truly some of the best

Chairish – This is another great site and you can find vendors in your area as well.

One Kings Lane – Their vintage tab has something for everyone

Old Plank – Some of the coolest finds in amazing condition!

Thrills of the Hunt – I found on Instagram and her finds are so fun!

Everything But The House – They send you morning emails. Enter at your own risk!

Modern Antiquarian – One of my new favorites, unique items

Craigslist – I mean, we all know this one. Be mindful.

Offer Up (After a friend scored 4 pristine vintage Missoni Chairs)

Facebook Marketplace – I got my dresser on here and have bookmarked about 100 other things.

Estate Sales – Worth finding some in your area and you can see ahead of time what will be sold.

* Note that you WILL need a whole lot of patience while scouring these sites.

Let s talk vintage and antiques 9
Let s talk vintage and antiques 9

P.S. My favorite designers to follow and who are shown in this post are Heidi Caillier, Olivia Brock and Martha Mullholland.