JZ Interiors

Jaime Zehner is the founder and
principal designer of JZ
Interiors, a residential design
firm based in Newport Beach, CA.

About illustration

JZ Interiors is a full service design studio based in Newport Beach, CA. We specialize in upscale yet casual design and believe that the real elevation of a home happens in the fine details. We obsess over the finishing touches, and we live for one-of-a-kind treasures, ranging from cherished antiques to tailor-made bespoke design pieces.

Jaime’s California upbringing and appreciation for the architectural intricacies of older beach cottages serve as the foundation for her aesthetic. The JZ Interiors aesthetic blends the fresh and natural beauty of the west coast with traditional touches that finish each space.  Defined by earthy textures, sun-drenched rooms, carefully curated pops of color, cozy moments, and beauty from the natural elements around us, Jaime believes that home is a feeling and it’s her goal to help infuse that into every project. 

Jaime has been in the interior design industry since 2014 working on everything from luxury and custom new builds, remodels and furnishings. With years of experience bringing outdated homes back to their original charm and infusing new construction homes with nostalgic character, we know how to design a cohesive space for your modern needs that still feels charming. 

With a wealth of experience from multiple sourcing trips across Europe, Jaime’s love of travel, antiques and local artisans has culminated in her co-hosting a lifestyle retreat in the Cotswolds in Spring 2024 and 2025. These experiences have helped Jaime to seamlessly merge her passion for travel, old world charm, and European architecture and design, allowing her to share that passion with others.