A tour of patina farm

A Tour of Patina Farm

I believe I came across Patina Farm in 2017 as I was beginning to further myself into the Interior Design world. For one thing, It’s located in Ojai, California which just happens to be one of my favorite places on earth. And then of course, it’s one of the most breathtaking homes I’d ever set eyes on.

As I tend to do when I find something that I fall in love with or am inspired by; I did a very deep dive into Patina Farm and the Giannetti Family who built it. I read through blog posts, signed up for their newsletter, read articles and bought the couples books about their home (here, here and here)!

Pre Pandemic, I heard that the Giannetti’s were offering a handful of tours of their property. Before I could jump at the chance, the world shut down and I sort of forgot about it but added my name to a list to tour whenever they got back around to it. In November 2021, I received word that the tour spaces were available again for a limited time and I nearly jumped at the opportunity for our tour which was scheduled last weekend.

Our timing could not have been better as it was announced last month that Patina Farm has sold and the Giannetti’s will be relocating to Tennessee to pursue a new chapter that they’re calling Patina Meadow.

Steve Giannetti, architect, and his wife Brooke, designer have been designing homes for over 30 years. They focus on historical architecture and the unique lives of their clients and strive to design spaces that are not only beautiful but feel intentional and personal.

After living in Los Angeles for over 25 years, they decided to move to Ojai, where they were able to design their dream home, Patina Farm. Living on Patina Farm, they realized that the spaces they created that were inspired by and connected to nature and allowed them to feel more peaceful and present in our lives.

That realization deepened their design philosophy, eventually incorporating what they’ve learned living at Patina Farm into all of their projects. In the last couple of years, the Giannetti’s have expanded their design focus to include clothing and home decor, all designed with the same nature-based principles.

It was an absolute honor to be in the space that they’ve created. Not only because of the beauty of the architecture and connection with nature, but the endless details that were taken into consideration for their home. It is such an inspiration to live intentionally and Patina Farm has done an incredible job showcasing that. I am sad that it will change hands soon, but cannot wait to see what is next for this incredibly talented family.

A few more close ups from their website