April mood

April Mood

It’s felt like the longest winter ever here in California. While we can appreciate the much needed rain, it feels like sunshine in long overdue. As I sit here and type this, the forecast shows NO RAIN for the next 10 days with a peek of 80 degree temps in the next week. nnThe reward to our long winter is Spring. You can hear it with the birds ,you can feel it in the sunshine and you can see it in the blooms starting to sprout. We are more than ready to welcome the season. Naturally, we are gravitating toward lots of time outdoors. In fact, that’s been my biggest source of inspiration as I start to plant and replant my garden.

With new projects beginning and current jobs wrapping up, it feels like such a much needed refresh. I’ve already gotten a head start on my Spring cleaning in the closet and kitchen and the cursed “junk drawer.”

It should be no surprise that we can’t get enough of a variety of shades of green. We love the crisp smaller patterns and hand painted floral murals to pair them with and crisp ivory linens as the weather starts to change.

We wish you a Happy Spring!