August mood

August Mood

Salt air, and the rust on your door….

With the humidity and heat still in full swing, it’s hard to even fathom fall could be around the corner. Although, our favorite months are September and October when the crowds have left the beach towns and we can soak up the last of the warmer months with less noise.

We’re still clinging to crisp whites, linens and baskets of garden produce that make us feel like we’re in full summer mode. We always love white elements in our designs, but ensure the whites are paired with details that make them feel intentional, accenting these with live brass materials to give us an aged feel and as always, finding vintage details that blend old world charm so well with these.

Classic items like ballet flats, linen window coverings and woven hats are year around for us, but this is our favorite times to use them daily.

August is already slipping away into a moment in time. xx.