February mood


January felt like it was a year long.. We kicked off the new year with some serious goals pertaining to our business, ourselves and most importantly, our health. It’s amazing what just one month of changes can accomplish in bringing you closer to your goals.

We are welcoming February with excitement for Valentine’s Day and subtle signs of Spring that remind us that warmer days are just around the corner. It’s just so cold! What we do love is layering a light trench over jeans and sweatshirts to elevate an outfit and keep us warm. nnWe’re gravitating towards warm ivory palettes , reclaimed textures, wicker pedestals and buttery paint that gives a cozy feeling in these colder months.

nWe’ve been very intentional about the fabrics, custom furniture and the decor that we are selecting for our clients and ourselves. The intent is something impactful that will stand the test of time. Stripes, greens and browns are the things we consistently gravitate toward paired with textured elements like reclaimed wood used in flooring, doors, cabinets, etc. We’ve also had fun sourcing vintage and antique fabrics and incorporating them into our designs as well. As per usual, we think that lighting is the jewelry of a space and cannot get enough vintage lighting to dress up a room.