June mood

June Mood

We’re back! After a few busy weeks of nonstop travel, we are relishing in the simple, quiet moments in the office and around our home and it feels great.

We’re bringing back so much inspiration from our time abroad and taking a look at how good design and quality materials can truly stand the test of time. What should be Spring entering Summer still feels a bit like like Winter; however, that hasn’t stopped us from reaching for crisp linens, romantic ruffles and layered shades of cream and white. We’re grasping at glimpses of summer and gravitating toward dainty, light details. As always, green seems to be our color pop of choice and we are loving the pops of it against the eggshells, creams, off-whites and linens. Our wardrobe choice is also layered, monochromatic off-whites with barefeet.

We’re spending our fair share of time in the garden; learning, growing and researching something fresh to us in hopes of a few rays of sunshine and herbs that we can reach for all Summer long. We’ve started a few more client projects take off this week while beginning to tackle a big wishlist for our own home. Hoping for more sunshine and longer days ahead.