March mood

March Mood

Our March Mood feels like Spring can’t come soon enough. We are craving warmth, whether it’s the weather, warmer and creamier, buttery whites, and little blooms everywhere. We can’t get enough fresh florals in the house and are excited to try our hand at gardening (when the weather allows), and of course any blooming scents.

Our inspiration (as of lately) stems from an English influence to design; timeless and classic with a cozy feel and details that are built to last… much like our approach to interior design. Whether it’s made of marble or made of wood, we like to stick to the things that we know will last and patina over time. Of course this might have something to do with our Cotswold retreat that we are starting to plan for in 2024 too.

We’re looking at relaxed linen. In shades, fabrics and bedding, especially the kind that has dainty little details involved, making our sleep feel a little more luxurious.

We’ve been doing a lot of soul searching in these colder months in hopes that we too will bloom in the spring and we just know that good things are coming. 🙂