May mood

May Mood

April showers classically bring May flowers… and boy does that ring true.

Spring is the season that follows winter and precedes summer. It is a time of year when the weather begins to warm up, the days become longer, and plants and animals awaken from their winter slumber.

nRight now, Southern California is still trying to warm up, but we are also experiencing the fist signs of a Super Bloom. I’m in my Garden Girl era, so inspired by Bunny Mellon and Martha Stewart’s basket collections and how to spend better time outdoors. My home smells like Orange Blossoms , Jasmine and roses, making me want to spend more time here and in the garden than ever before.

As we look forward to our trip to Florence and staying at Il Salviatino again, we cannot wait for al fresco dinners, history lessons, classic pasta dishes, and evening walks through one of our favorite cities.

We’re leaning into one of our new build projects and all the textures that we can bring. We’re gravitating toward light neutral palettes in wood tones and painted floors for our own home project. Adding in muted patterns and traditional touches to balance out newer finishes.

Overall, spring is a time of renewal, growth, and new beginnings. It is a season that is full of beauty, energy, and vitality, and provides an opportunity for us to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate the wonders of nature. We can’t wait for the sun and warmer months ahead.