Primary bedroom design

Primary Bedroom Design

Let’s talk about primary bedroom design.

While the kitchen is the heart of your home and the rest of the home is shared space, the primary bedroom becomes sacred space.

From morning rituals to kick off your day (hello 10-step skin routine) to curling up in bed with a good book and winding down at night (unless you’re a night time social media scroller). This is where you get to shut out the rest of the world and relax.

As you know, we want to make sure we design the feeling of home in every part of your home. We love designing these primary ares to be a place to come home to every night and recharge. We make sure that each space we design is a reflection of our clients interests and needs while remaining calm and full of warm, tranquil textures.

Creating a clutter free zone is important to keep that calming effect. This means chic nightstands with ample storage, a calming candle and pile of books or magazines that you swear you’ll get around to reading. (Pro tip: you will actually read them if you silence your phone and stack them next to your bed).


I would argue that the bed is the biggest investment to make in your primary bedroom. This is where you’ll spend most of your time at home so you want to invest in comfort and quality above all (plus a really good mattress). Below are a few of the beds we love most that are simple and classic but their shape and fabric set them aside.


Panel bed | Lyell Platform Bed | Pacific Bed |
Hearst Bed | Del Rey Bed | Sutherland Bed | Adara Bed


Again, we always look at comfort first. Our absolute favorite combo is Boll & Branch sheets with a Parachute Linen Duvet.
Bedding is such a personal decision! It’s the easiest way to add texture to your space. We love to mix a linen duvet cover with a one-of-a-kind quilted throw that we source from some of our favorite vendors.


Bluestone Duvet | Bone Duvet | Surplus Duvet | Pinstripe Duvet
Signature Hem Sheets | Linen Sheet Set | Crinkled Percale Sheets


Dressers are there to organize all of your belongings. If you opt for a TV in the bedroom, we often center them above the dressers. With so many unique shapes out there, we love to mix and match our dressers from our nightstands. Long gone are the days when you would buy the entire bedroom set.


Huxon Dresser | Meyer Dresser | Verucca Dresser
Farmhouse Dresser | Bremond Dresser | Kanan Dresser


As I mentioned, nightstands are going to collect all the things you reach for but don’t want laying out. Melatonin gummies, books, chargers, medicine, etc. We love the ones below to contrast from the bed frames and make your bedroom vignette pop.


Harbour Nightstand | Huxon Nightstand | Hensley Nightstand | Antique French Table
Berkeley Nightstand | Verucca Nightstand | Keane Nightstand | Maude Nightstand


Pairing lighting in the bedroom is another way to bring character to your primary bedroom. From above bed lighting to table lamps by the bed. This customizes your preferences.


Lucca Chandelier | Etoile Chandelier | Semi Flush | Carson Chandelier | Riley Chandelier
Kehoe Lamp | Larkspur Task Lamp | Faris Lamp | Lydia Lamp | Zori lamp | Regina Lamp


We love adding texture and pattern with rugs. We also love to make sure they’re soft enough for when your feet hit the ground first thing in the morning.


Reeva Rug | Khloe Rug | Ash Grove Rug | Beniourian Rug | Lombardy Rug
Taos Rug | Rosmarie Rug | Beniourian Rug | Billie Rug | Vilnius Rug


Accessories for the primary bedroom can vary in a huge way. From artwork or mirrors to pillows, throws, books and storage. Comfort and a tranquil space is our main concern so while we love to add things in, we also don’t want too many things to clutter your primary bedroom.


Alpaca Throw | Rock Match | Currant Candle | Stone Book | Big Sur Art | Maki Pillow | Tutti Pillow | AD Book
Bench | Evening Current | Basma Pillow | Matchsticks | Renley Mirror | Flora Bowl | California Romantica | Basket | Boucle Throw