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In her spare time, Jaime can be found in her garden, trying out a new recipe, near the closest body of water, traveling and practicing her photography or on the hunt for another antique treasure. She shares a little bit of all of that and more here in her journal.


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“Which White?”

I’m sure no one has ever written a blog post about their favorite white paints… so here I come with this groundbreaking news… “Which White” is the question that I get asked most often. It’s a fair question, albeit a

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Garden Party

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you may have seen that I’ve been loving and living outdoors this summer as often as I can. I’ve spent the my free time this summer trying my hand at gardening and making my

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Amazon Storefront

JZ Interior Designs is now on AMAZON! In case you didn’t see last week, JZ Interior Designs is one of the latest people to join Amazon with my own Amazon Storefront! I get asked quite often what are my “Go-to’s”

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Diy bathroom reveal

DIY Bathroom Reveal

A few months ago I gave you a sneak peek at a little DIY Bathroom refresh that I was doing. If you saw, you’ll know that I’m not exactly the DIY expert. However, this bathroom was originally a flip and

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