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In her spare time, Jaime can be found in her garden, trying out a new recipe, near the closest body of water, traveling and practicing her photography or on the hunt for another antique treasure. She shares a little bit of all of that and more here in her journal.

  • December Mood

    December Mood

    December brings a whisper of comfort and cozy as we curl up by the fireplace or candlelight and we embrace the traditions in our home. The selection of a Christmas tree, the ornaments that are attached to a memory, decor … December Mood Read More

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  • November Mood

    November Mood

    As October’s fiery foliage transforms into a gentle carpet of rust and gold, November arrives, ushering in a different kind of magic. It’s a time of transition, a bridge between the vivid vibrancy of autumn and the crisp stillness of … November Mood Read More

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  • As of lately – October

    As of lately – October

    A change in weather, energy, time and seasons.

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  • October mood

    October mood

    As the vibrant hues of summer gradually yield to the cozy embrace of autumn, October emerges as a month of magical transitions. The air becomes crisp and invigorating, encouraging us to pull out our coziest sweaters and sip on steaming … October mood Read More

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  • August Mood

    August Mood

    Salt air, and the rust on your door…. With the humidity and heat still in full swing, it’s hard to even fathom fall could be around the corner. Although, our favorite months are September and October when the crowds have … August Mood Read More

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  • As Of Lately – July

    As Of Lately – July

    Vintage Wardrobe, cosmos art, picnic basket, pendant light, tank, vintage croc, sandals, lamp, rug, dress, carafe, basket set

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    There is something about July…. long summer days and warm summer nights. We kicked off the long first weekend of July celebrating the 4th. We were on Balboa Island where we made hot dogs, rode bikes, baked and spent plenty … JULY MOOD Read More

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  • As of Lately – June

    As of Lately – June

    Antique look pendant light. An easy breezy dress for day to night. A seashell sconce. Perforated sconce lighting with darling details. A rattan lamp for texture. nSweet, dainty bedding. Seashell earrings. A great dupe to a trendy bag. The perfect … As of Lately – June Read More

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  • June Mood

    June Mood

    We’re back! After a few busy weeks of nonstop travel, we are relishing in the simple, quiet moments in the office and around our home and it feels great. We’re bringing back so much inspiration from our time abroad and … June Mood Read More

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  • As Of Lately – May

    As Of Lately – May

    The denim jacket / shacket is the must have item for the season. I love how this one looks paired with jeans, over a dress or shorts for the summer. These Cabbage dinner plates are my #1 must have this … As Of Lately – May Read More

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