Best buys of 2022

Best Buys of 2022.

It seems so crazy to think that we are just a few days away from Christmas. As we get ready to wrap up our 2022, we thought we would wrap up the year with the best buys of the year. These are a combo of the best selling items that we’ve shared with you and things we’ve also purchased that we reach for over and over again throughout the year.

I’ve used this Alpaca ,throw for clients, but I snagged the large size when it became available. I can honestly say I use it every day and have had friends buy it after snuggling up with it at my house.

I’ve never stopped loving ballet flats, but I saw my friend wear ,these through Europe and loved the square toe. Not only are they chic, but they really are the most comfortable flats.

This ,marble tray adds the perfect detail for layering in the smallest spaces. I currently use mine under a candle and love the way it makes my room look.

I’ve been asked which Jenni Kayne sweater is the best…. and while I think all of them are amazing, the ,cashmere cocoon cardigan is at the top of my list. So soft, oversized and feels like wearing a luxe blanket, this is my number one.

This ,hook rack has a vintage feel that can make storage look good. The dark stain and intricate details make it the perfect place to hang your hat/ coat/ purse as soon as you walk through the door.

I’ve had these ,leather travel cases for years, and they still look brand new. They are perfect for every day use or big trips and make a great gift.

The sleek aged look of these ,sconces made them a best seller this year. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways or a small nook, this sconce somehow works everywhere.

This new to me brand has had some of my favorite bags of 2022. This ,one tops the list and seems like it carries everything and looks so good.

A work of art at every angle, this lounge ,chair features an exquisite sculptural wooden frame that carries its L-shaped seat with ease.

I got these ,sunglasses over a year ago and found them almost half off now. I’d still pay full price for them because I love them. But don’t sleep on this opportunity.

The expandable ,travel bag that has traveled with me all year and has proven to be an excellent travel companion. It’s lightweight, packs well and holds all your essentials.

The chunky loafer is the It shoe of the moment; I chose ,these ganache colored ones and am impressed with their quality, price point and how comfortable they are.

Another favorite ,sweater of the year, I have it in 3 colors now and it’s really never too far from my reach.

These Boat & Tote ,bags are having quite the comeback moment (paired with ironic monogramming). We’ve been using them for years for our client projects and can honestly say we have on in hand every day.

The easiest ,t-shirt I own is this vintage pocket tee. It comes in so many colors and is perfect for layering or warm summer days with jeans.

A coin and card pouch is easier to switch in and out of purses and fits much easier in every bag. ,This one holds it all, has a key ring and is my most used item of the year!

I’ve had my eyes on these ,side tables for quite some time. They come in a variety of colors and have a classic but modern shape that I love.

Baseball caps have been my go to item for days that I don’t wash my hair. I have a handful of favorites, but have wanted ,this one for about a year and hope to add it to my repertoire.

This is the ultimate ,toiletry bag. It holds a ton and hangs in the bathroom as you bounce from hotel room to hotel room. Best of all: it won’t break the bank so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.

My love of coffee table books knows no bounds. ,Three Houses by Rose Tarlow showcases three of her family houses in this deluxe slipcased volume. Often referred to as “the decorator’s decorator,” Tarlow has a distinctive style that has won her numerous international accolades, and her own houses are the embodiment of her design philosophy, exuding charming eccentricity and uncompromising quality.

The ,hair pin that had me hooked and made throwing my hair up more chic than imaginable.

What were your best products of the year and what are you most looking forward to in 2023?