January mood

January Mood

January has felt like the fastest and slowest month. We’re wrapping up 2 projects, getting ready for a photoshoot and onboarding on a few jobs… plus getting ready to hire, so things have been quite busy. nnAs every year, we set goals and intentions; both for personal and for business. With technology these days, it is so easy to get wrapped up in immediate responses and panic. One of the goals across the board this year is to slow down a bit and be more intentional; with our design, our time and even with the challenges. We also want to slow down to really take on projects that align with JZ Interiors and to share more about who we are and how we came to be. Each week, we share our Sunday Round Up newsletter, it’s one of our favorite ways to share with our community.

Another way we are starting this is changing our monthly blog post to be more of a mood board of what is inspiring us. This way we can share both design related content as well as items that we really believe in. As design trends and colors change, we too change. From Winter to Summer, our inspiration shifts and we want to be able to show you what inspires us. We share mood boards with our clients on a daily basis tailored to them and it’s our favorite part of the design process, so we are bringing those to you each month.

JZ Interiors roots itself in classic beauty. From the shore to the home, we love drawing inspiration all around us. It’s no surprise from growing up in California to our subtle illustration logo that we have a thing for shells. In fact, I sold sea shells on the Balboa Island boardwalk when I was little. “She sells seashells by the seashore…” We’ve always loved and collected these trinkets and love to incorporate them into our projects or share them as inspiration. It’s a fun and playful detail in elevated designs.

We love the depth that the moodier shades of brown give and we’re leaning into them in a major way. From velvet nutmeg solid textiles to block print patterns and dainty patterned tiles in caramel and chocolate. Especially paired with a clean duck pleated white sofa or an antique tapestry – which we have also been gravitating toward in a major way. Fact: I left behind a French antique tapestry in Provence and I think about it every day…

We’ve been saying vintage lighting is our favorite design element for the last few months. We also say don’t sleep on vintage lighting because when it’s gone, it’s gone. It also pairs well and stands out beautifully with bold veined marble. We are looking to more contrasting marbles these days versus white and subtle.

What are your goals for 2023 and what are you most looking forward to from JZ Interiors and in design in general? We’d love to know.