European summer


As someone who overpacks…. by a lot. Let me help and tell you what you will need and actually reach for if you’re heading out on any trips this summer. There’s something so chic about a European summer aesthetic and I plan on keeping it going all summer long. Take it from someone who just learned the hard way (and lost some luggage along the way…) This time I packed everything in the same color palette so that I could mix and match outfits and I cannot believe I hadn’t packed like this sooner in my life. It made it so easy to throw things together and feel like I had so many more options.

When we got to Paris, we actually hit much cooler temps and rain. So a rain coat and a fisherman sweater were a must. But the rest of our trip to the Cotswolds and to London were quite warm. As summer heats up, These are the things that got the most wear and I will still be reaching for all summer long.

Oversized Shirt – In all honesty, I bought this in 4 colors due to the price point and I wore each one. They’re lightweight and look polished. I wore it open, buttoned up and even tied up with a skirt.

Dress – Dresses that can be dressed up or down and are lightweight are a must. I found this one and loved it’s pricepoint and how versatile it was!

Hat – I love an oversized hat, but packing them has proven difficult so I grabbed this from my collection at the last minute and was so grateful for a compact hat that could fit in any purse and I could throw on as needed. Use my code JZ15 for 15% off your purchase in stores or online at Jenni Kayne, always.

Cardigan – This new Jenni Kayne linen cardigan is GOLD. I threw it over my shoulders or wore it for cooler nights. It is so comfortable and classic. Use my code JZ15 for 15% off your purchase in stores or online at Jenni Kayne, always.

Crossbody Bag – A crossbody is a must for travel. This one is the perfect size and weight so that you can keep your essentials with you during the long days but is still chic enough for the evenings.

Denim Jacket – When isn’t a denim jacket necessary? I’ve recently found so many goodies at Old Navy, and this jacket is one of them.

Flats – A good pair of ballet flats go a long way and can be worn with literally anything. I love how many color ways these are available in and how good they feel on my feet.

Swim – I just packed one good suit this trip as the weather was predicting cooler temps and found that one good one with classic lines and in a neutral color was all I needed.

Travel Bag – This travel bag is must. I fell in love with Longchamp long ago, but this one was perfect as my purse/ carry on with my essentials and has 2 additional zipper options if you need to extend it. It’s a great weekender bag too!

Slip Skirt – This skirt was perfect for dinners in the evenings. I threw on with a sweater, with a a simple white tee and with a blue button up. Each option looked simple and chic and the quality is amazing. Use my code JZ15 for 15% off your purchase in stores or online at Jenni Kayne, always.

Comfortable Sandals – Yes, these were a splurge. But I knew I needed durable shoes that I could walk in all day and most sandals end up bothering me after a few hours. One woman actually asked me where I got my Hermes Birkenstocks, so that was fun. These are easily my favorite purchase of the year.

Swim Coverup – A lightweight cover up that you can still throw over jeans , linen pants or shorts, and this fit the bill. Use my code JZ15 for 15% off your purchase in stores or online at Jenni Kayne, always.

Daytime & Nighttime skin Duo – I don’t mean to brag, but I didn’t break out once on this trip. I’m on my second bottle of this nighttime Dewtopia, but pairing it with this Vitamin C Serum is my new must have for skincare. And yes, I almost fought the TSA agent who tried to throw away some of my skincare on the way home…

Linen Joggers – These are perfect for beach days and even just days exploring a new city in the heat. I love linen joggers but was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of these ones.

Flowy Dress – Flowy dresses aren’t only necessary… but nearly every woman I saw in London when it was hottest was wearing something similar.

SPF – For any and everyday but this is always with me no matter where I am or what time of year.

Tennis Shoes – For working out and for long days touring new cities. I love the lightweight white in these shoes that will make sure your feet still feel good at the end of the day. Plus they still look good with jeans or a dress.

Jeans – 1-2 good pairs of jeans are all you need and this light color looks perfect with everything that I packed. Plus they’re comfy.

Everyday Dress – Another dress that can be worn all day but can be dressed up and worn to dinner too. This color and material is sure to be a favorite. Use my code JZ15 for 15% off your purchase in stores or online at Jenni Kayne, always.

Tote Bag – 3 bags might be excessive to some, but I definitely don’t want to bring a leather bag to the beach or park. This one fits a magazine or a book, water and spf. Plus it still looks good enough to take to dinner.

Hoops – I love these 3 sizes of hoops to dress up any outfit without looking like you’re tying too hard.

I hope this helps you for any trips you’re planning…. or even if you’re just looking to edit your summer wardrobe.